The journey to launch Burley International Hire ( has been an adventure. This became something I had to do before it became too late. A choice that could have been left as something I only day dreamed about doing or an unfinished project put on hold indefinitely when expenses started to add up. The decision to build was my chance to take control of what defines me to the world. I believe that we all deserve that shot, so I did my best to create “a bridge over troubled waters” to help anyone searching, discover the best definition of themselves.

I moved from northern Virginia in April of 2014 to Phnom Penh, Cambodia with my wife and dog, thankful for a fresh start and no plans to look back. I was so desperate to start over I didn’t even look for Cambodia on the map until I got there. My career had fizzled and was in a fractured state after I left a well-paying job in 2012. I literally walked out on a contract position in Washington DC where my skills were underutilized and a string of embarrassing moments revealed I was struggling to fit in with the work culture in a new office.

Two years later, my wife was left to be the main bread winner of the house while I circled the drain as a professional. I landed in full-time employment at a community based organization that paid an entry level hourly wage and worked odd jobs from Craigslist in the evenings and weekends to bring home a fraction of what I made before. After three months of driving to area nurseries and preschools to coerce the care takers to join our certificate program for early childhood learning, I was burned out. I racked up a so many speeding tickets and highway infractions in my Camaro, a shiny reminder of my once promising career, that Virginia courts stripped me of my license for several months. Once I resigned  from the community organization, taking a commission job at Sears was the quickest way to hold together my marriage and my fraying self respect. Without a car, I rode a winding bus route that started on a neighborhood shuttle to the mall then made a transfer at the Dulles airport to get to Fairfax.

What happened?  I had been a standout athlete and prom king at a private high school in Broward County. I worked my way through college in jobs at memorial regional hospital in Hollywood, Florida and Hertz Rent a Car in Tallahassee, that many take as the beginning of a long career but I didn’t stop there. I definitely overachieved when I became a part of the administrative team at a large community health network in my father’s hometown of Miami. My wife’s career took us to Washington D.C. and there my confidence continued to carry me through a strong mid-level career in health administration.

The truth is, failure was the beginning of this journey. Picking up the pieces while life continued on around me got me here. I found myself working in the foreign service at the U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh. From there I had time to reflect, plan and appreciate people and circumstances I encountered along the way. The lesson I would like others to take away from this, is to always look for inspiration and act on it every time you feel inspired. Make inspiration your hobby and you’ll find what you were meant to be great at.