Own your job search

Jobseekers: Own your job search. Here's how.

We did our best to make applying to jobs fun and rewarding.

All you need is a resume to get paid while you job search. Your completed profile will hold everything employers want to know about you as a candidate. Upload your resume to apply with one click.

Bintl Hire works by securing who you are and your valuable resume information behind a paywall.

Employers get a preview of your work experience and personal statement but can't see who you are unless they pay. If they're interested, they'll unlock you profile to view your content.

Every profile unlock pays you.

On your way to a new job, you'll get paid between $2-$8 for every unlock depending on the employer's status.

#1 Create a Profile

Complete your resume profile with everything an employer wants to know. (Less than 10 minutes)

#2 Connect to Stripe

We use Stripe to securely pay you when your resume is viewed. Completely optional, you can still apply to jobs without setting up to get paid. (Less than 5 minutes) Learn more at

#3 Apply to jobs

With a complete profile, apply to jobs with one click. You'll be notified when your applications are reviewed.