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Check out our ratings and reviews section to hear from actual employees on what truly matters the most. Here’s everything you need to know:

Icons at the top of each company profile page give a quick view of organization size, culture approval rating and number of open jobs. A full review section can be found at the bottom of each company profile.

The company review section displays an overall company culture approval rating. Each company receives a score from 10 to 100 generated by anonymous employee reviews.  In the same review section, an emoji displays the rating for good to great work-life balance.

Overall company ratings are calculated by 1 to 4-star ratings of Leadership, Social Environment, Compensation and Professional Development. Members of an employer’s workforce anonymously choose from a 4-star rating system to share their opinion with others.

Emoji ratings depict the employee rating of an employers overall Work-life balance. Location and Commute, Benefits, Amenities (gym, break room, etc.) and Community Involvement are rated from a range of sad to happy emojis. The ratings are calculated to give an overall score for work-life balance.

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Work culture holds the key to a more productive workforce. Studies have revealed that a positive culture attracts 98% more applicants to open positions, than workplaces without the same reputation.

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