Welcome to
Bintl Hire!

The incentive.

Apply to jobs and earn $10, every time your resume is downloaded. You’ll find a meaningful job and profit from your job search in the process. Jobseekers on Bintl Hire are paid for their contact with employers and provide their resumes. Our jobseekers are compensated each time, whether they are hired or not.

The ask.

We ask that jobseekers make themselves available to employers, to discuss the jobs they apply to. As a jobseeker, You’ll be notified of every download and can see stats on profile views from your dashboard.  When a hiring manager contacts you, politely reply.

The fineprint.

Answer calls, emails and take interviews for each job you apply to. Members who are unresponsive, may be removed from the job board.

Bintl Hire shares revenue from each resume download with jobseekers. The price of resumes is subject to change.

We use Stripe to payout earnings monthly. Bintl Hire pays all initial Stripe fees. If you don’t connect to Stripe, you won’t earn. There’s no back pay from before your Stripe account is setup, so do this first!

Thanks for joining Bintl Hire! We can’t wait for you to experience owning your job search.